NEWS!!! 878-160722-M and 878-260722-M

NEWS!!! 878-160722-M and 878-260722-M

Our company – the largest European manufacturer of industrial sewing machines for the shoemaking industry, has added another class of sewing machines to the popular M-Type series for footwear.
A postbed sewing machine of a medium-heavy series class 878 Premium, with a comfortable electronic control in a single needle and a double needle version. The sewing machines are fitted with a compact direct drive. The control unit is DAC Comfort with an OP3000 control panel on the sewing machine head.

Main parameters of 878 Premium sewing machines: 

  • one-step wheel feed, driven roller presser - both driven with step motor; the sewing machines are not equipped with needle feed 
  • foot lifting by step motor, stroke adjustable up to 13 mm 
  • electronic hand wheel at tensioner plate, solenoid controlled 
  • thread trimming by solenoid 
  • backtacking is possible by pushbutton near stitching area 
  • large two-piece vertical hook with bobbin diameter 26 mm 
  • completely fitted keypad under tensioner plate 
  • safety pushbutton to block sewing machine operation during threading 
  • sewing parameters - scope of usable threads and needles is identical with 888-M type series

Optional sewing equipment for class 878 Premium: 

  • bobbin thread monitor (diode lighting up indicates small stock of bobbin thread in respective hook) 
  • electronically controlled tensioners with needle thread tension automatic setting from 0 to 1610 cN, also possible dependent on other parameter 
  • electronic knee lever with option of various functions assigning 
  • operator´s eyes protection by operation blocking at sewing machine tipping 
  • sewing machine operation blocking at hook guard tipping 
  • threading gun to pull thread through pipes towards electronic tensioner plate