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M-TYPE needle feed machine SENSITIVE with integrated direct drive – the specialist for fine materials
Flat bed sewing machine
Twin needle
Bottom feed
Vertical hook, large
Underbed thread trimmer
Seam backtacking, automatic
Sewing foot lift, automatic


Single needle or twin needle lockstitch flat bed machines with bottom feed and DA Direct Drive


The particularly wide range of applications in the field of “medium-heavy duty sewing” leads the used machine technology to its limits in many cases. On the one hand these operating means have to be able to process especially thick sewing materials with thick threads and large stitch lengths, on the other hand the same machines are expected to sew fine leather goods with very thin threads without tension puckering and without markings caused by the feeding components. 
The machines of the subclass “SENSITIVE” have exactly been designed for these sensitive applications. 
Technically, these machines are different due to the PTFEcoated throat plates, hook covers and attachment slides enabling a trouble-free material feed during the sewing process, even when working with difficult-to-feed materials like fine leather. Furthermore, the needle bars and feeding foot bars are coated with diamond-like carbon (DLC) allowing a nearly oil-free sewing. 
In order to guarantee a constant hook thread tension from the full to the empty bobbin the innovative CTB bobbins are used as standard. On the upper side these extremely light and high-strength bobbins are equipped with an inspection window for the optical control of the bobbin thread capacity. 
On the underside a cylindrical braking and lifting spring dramatically reduces the overspinning of the bobbin and facilitates the bobbin change for the operator. 
The especially adapted sewing kinematics with reduced needle bar stroke guarantees a perfect stitch formation in fine materials. 
Apart from the thread trimming system also an electropneumatic sewing foot lift and automatic backtacking belong to the basic equipment of all subclasses. 


Your advantages


  • DA Direct Drive, integrated in the upper housing, with superior penetration power in combination with the excellent stitch technology of the M-TYPE 
  • Impressive dynamics in the acceleration and braking phases during the sewing operation 
  • Precise stop positioning even at high operating speed 
  • Quiet and vibration free machine operation 
  • Very energy efficient 
  • Service friendly machine and drive concept 
  • DAC classic controls including operation panel OP1000 for optimum functionality and extraordinary user comfort
  • Machine identification system for the administration of specific machine parameters 
  • Optimized sewing kinematics for perfect sewing results in particularly fine materials 
  • Special sewing equipment with fine toothing for a material feed without any marks 
  • Hooks coated with diamond-like carbon for minimum oil consumption at the sewing point 
  • Coated needle bar and presser foot bar for minimum oil consumption in the machine head 
  • Non-Adhesive coated hook covers for trouble-free material feed 
  • Automatic basic functions like thread trimmer, automatic backtacking and pneumatic sewing foot lift 
  • New pneumatic venting system for reducing the noise level

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