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Single needle lockstitch fancy stitching zigzag machine with bottom feed, manual backtacking, with large XXL hook, max. zz-bight 10 mm, max. stitch length 5 mm, needle size Nm 80–110, presser foot lift max. 12 mm. The machine is equipped with thread trimmer, auto foot lift, automatic backtacking and needle positioning.
Single needle
Zigzag lockstitch
Horizontal hook, large
Seam backtacking, actuated by hand
Sewing foot lift, automatic
Thread trimmer and seam backtacking, automatic


Zigzag machines for medium-weight applications and decorative stitching with DAC


The lockstitch zigzag sewing machine class 525i with interchangeable cams is specially designed for ornamental (shape) stitching in ready-made overgarment and ladies underwear made of elastic materials as well as for ornamental stitching in textile footwear. Machine can be used for light to medium heavy weight textile and leather materials.

Your advantages


  • Facelift with modern elements and actual DA design components (for stitch length, thread tension, thread control,etc.)
  • Single and twin needle decorative seams with 19 available pattern cams which can be exchanged in few minutes
  • Thread trimmer ensures secured cutting, also for thick threads up to 20/3
  • Modified lubrication and a reservoir in the machine arm reduces maintenance, guarantees the correct lubrication doses, protects the hook against wear
  • Optimized thread trimming system with adjustable bobbin break spring for better stitching results
  • New needle thread tension regulation for more precise tension adjustment
  • Ergonomic bobbin winder with easier adjustment of max value
  • Improved working conditions for the operator by reduced noise level and less vibrations
  • Modern zigzag setting device – easy adjustment of zigzag width with low force
  • Easy stitch length setting – adjustment without lever by turn button
  • Back tacking and needle position up/down via push buttons
  • Use of incorporated mini motor and quick connection from the head to the motor
  • Integrated LED sewing light (optional)






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