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Single needle lockstitch post bed machines with integrated direct drive and programmable setting elements for stitching operations in the shoe production
Post bed sewing machine
Single needle
Vertical hook, large
Seam backtacking, thread trimming and sewing foot lift, automatic


Single needle lockstitch post bed machines with integrated direct drive and programmable setting elements for stitching operations in the shoe production


Program-supported sewing processes The core of our industrial sewing machines is a purely mechanical element – the hook. Another enormous potential for a further improvement of the approved sewing technology is offered by the use of modern electronics. We have taken advantages of these possibilities to create the program level M-TYPE PREMIUM. The subclasses of the 878-M PREMIUM are characterised by programmable, electronic setting elements for stitch length, sewing foot lift, sewing foot pressure as well as thread tension.
All required sewing parameters are intuitively set at the control panel and can be called up at any time. The innovative drive concept of this machine class consisting of a powerful sewing drive integrated in the machine head combined with our DAC COMFORT control and the control panel OP3000. These features provide perfect operating conditions with excellent performance parameters.


Your specific advantages of the 878-M PREMIUM


  • M-TYPE 878-M PREMIUM with programmable setting elements and approved M-TYPE sewing technology
  • Capability of roller presser and wheel feed speed rate quick changing in large scope (gathering function) 
  • Integrated direct drive with DAC Comfort including control panel OP3000 ensures optimum functionality 
  • Programmable electronic thread tension (optional) for reproducible sewing results 
  • Programmable stitch length adjustment by means of integrated step motors 
  • Programmable sewing foot pressure and sewing foot lifting height by means of integrated step motor 
  • Capability of sewing operation programming. Programs can be stored in control unit memory and transferred to other sewing machines. 
  • Machine-specific software with intuitive user interface for convenient administration of sewing parameters 
  • Electronic needle positioning and moving to a start-stitch position by jog dial
  • Integrated LED sewing lamp with dimmer
  • Electronic knee switch with programmable function


Your advantages of the approved M-TYPE series


  • Highest precision on stitch locking even during sewing speed changes
  • Low noise and vibration
  •  Automatic bobbin winder with start up function
  • Simple needle guard adjustment by screw
  • Fully integrated solenoids - no compressed air required
  • Lubricating system with central oil tank and oil pump
  • Processing of thick sewing thread sizes up to NM 10/3
  • Sewing speed up to 2 500 stitches/min.
  • The wide range of sewing equipment, attachments and optional equipment guarantees the optimum solution for most of sewing operations


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